Why Did Krillin Marry Android 18? Because Of LOVE !

I have read a lot about why Krillin married Android 18, but they all describe too , and few people describe the development of love between them.

In fact, Kelin will marry Android 18. Rather, it’s about 2 people who love each other and have finally decided to get married.

Even though it’s only an anime, the author, Akira Toriyama, has written a lot about how their love developed. But because it’s a work of passionate youth, very few people realise that these are two people who treat each other.

Although it all started with a playful kiss on Android 18, love has to start with someone, even if it’s a beautiful mistake lol~

Some people think it’s deliberate, and some people think Android 18 is too complicated. In fact, it’s the personality of Android 18, but it’s also because of this kiss that the simple Uncle Krillin(From Sun Goku’s joking name for Kelin) began to pay attention to our beautiful Android. On the 18th, in the end Android 18 also gave birth to a lovely daughter for themselves.

Instead of wondering why he married, you can also think about why Android 18 married such an unremarkable Uncle Krillin. The answer to all this is that sincerity will bring the best of everything.

About their love development, you can refer to my other blog. Finally, I hope that all lovers in the world will get married.

I am senpai, a team selling anime sex dolls, wishing all anime lovers to embrace their anime seniors.

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