The Power of True Love: Krillin & Android 18

First of all, this is what I admire about Akira Toriyama!

His depiction of the emotional line is quite subtle and brilliant.

The love between Krillin and Android 18 is not told to you very bluntly, but requires the reader to connect all the little details to come up with an answer as to why Android 18 ultimately chooses to be with Krillin.

This requires an understanding of all that Krillin has done for Android 18!

It all starts with a female hooligan molesting an innocent bald man……

Let’s just say that Android 18 kisses Krillin suddenly and directly, without a hint of buildup.

Why does Android 18 kiss Krillin back?

Because android 18 is a more daring female hooligan with a character similar to her sister.

In fact, this is also based on the description of android 18’s behavior later in the book.

Notice how android 18 sits. I believe that anyone with a bolder character would like to sit like this. However, ladies rarely sit like this.

Crossing arms while trying on clothes

Notice again the two postur of Android 18.

Android 18’s postur , when Android 17 fights with Piccolo

and when fighting with Mr.Satan in the martial arts school.

and in a secret $20 million dollar deal with Mr.Satan to give away the glory of the championship.

Well, the image of 18 has been put on paper.

A woman who loves money, does what she wants, and has a brash personality, it’s not too much of a stretch to say she’s a rogue.

Of course, this is only the character aspect, as a person, there is nothing wrong with android 18.

Then, it can also be explained that the scene in which android 18 kissed Krillin was just android 18’s behavior of flirting with Krillin on the spur of the moment.

Krillin, on the other hand, because of that kiss
did a lot of things for android 18.

First, he let Android 18 live.

Krillin personally stepped on the remote control in front of Android 18.

Android 18‘s reaction:Inexplicable, not having the slightest idea why Krillin did what he did.

Second, after android 18 is absorbed by Cell, Krillin is enraged and rushes up to attack Cell, narrowly escaping death

And all of this, Android 18 is aware of.

Android 17 has never seen Sun Goku, but knows his voice because he’s still aware of what’s going on in the outside world while in Cell‘s body

Dragon Ball Super adds directly to this.

So this angry outburst from Krillin leads to Android 18 almost dying for love.

Third, after being punched into Cell‘s body by Gohan and vomiting, Krillin kept protecting Android 18

When Vegeta offered to kill Android 18.

Krillin flat out refused Vegeta!

And all of this, Android 18 knows.

The third incident directly sublimates Krillin’s love for Android 18

When he thought Android 18 was gone, Krillin was still watching over Android 18.

Whether it is trying to find a way to turn android 18 back to normal, helping android 18 cancel the bomb in his body, or thinking that Android 17 and android 18 are more suitable and hoping that android 18 can get true happiness

All of them are true feelings.

And all this was seen by android 18.

It was because of this sublimation that android 18 went from

Knowing that Krillin liked himself and said directly: it’s a joke, little old man

To later

gave the opportunity.

It can be said that android 18’s chance to get involved with Krillin is something that Krillin has fought for step by step by virtue of his true feelings and his own behavior.

Why don’t you think, Android 18 like such a good person?

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