The age of all the characters in One Piece, 100 years old is not the limit, the oldest is it!

One Piece stands as a classic cross-genre masterpiece, celebrated for its rich background and profound characterization. This iconic manga holds immense social significance, inspiring countless manga cartoonists with its timeless appeal and depth.

There are many interesting settings in One Piece. Besides to various devil fruits with different powers and tastes, another big setting is that there are a lot of characters in the comics.These characters are designed based on characters that already exist in reality. Assuming that the characters in One Piece are sorted by age, which age group do you think your favorite character belongs to?

Kid’s camp

Most of the characters, whether they appear frequently or occasionally, are also recorded with detailed age profiles. Sorting these characters from lowest to highest age is a great way to see how they’ve grown up, from swaddling babies to 14 year olds hitting the sauce, and we see a lot of familiar characters appearing in the age lists as well.

Teenage Camp

It’s our favorite protagonists, Luffy and Nami, who appear in the teen camp. Seeing so many highly popular characters in the middle of the arrangement, we also find a lot of familiar-looking characterizations. The beautiful and brave Princess Vivi is only 18 years old, yet she has such a strong and determined character. Luffy, the protagonist of the hot-blooded genre, is also 19 years old, and Usopp is on the same level as Luffy, also at the youthful and energetic age of 19.

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Nami, on the other hand, is slightly older than Luffy by one year, being the most youthful 20 years old. The most unexpected thing is that, because of the reason of Chopper‘s nature attribute setting, so that Joba has reached 17 years old is still a little bit of state is also very cute.

Youth Camp

The youth camp basically covers a lot of characters, because there are many characters in the youth camp, only the very representative characters are selected to illustrate. Straw Hat Pirates‘s Roronoa Zoro and Sanji are also 21 years old with dreams and vigor.

Among them, we find a very unfortunate presence. Had Ace still managed to survive well, he would have been 22 years old. It’s just a shame that Ace’s age is forever stuck at 20, and his exit has caused countless netizens to shed tears of heartache. However, Luffy will continue to carry his brother Ace’s will and pass on this spirit and belief forever.

How old is Boa Hancock?

Although girls are very taboo to talk about their age, they did not expect Boa Hancock to be 31 years old. Boa Hancock, as the most beautiful record holder in One Piece, her popularity has remained high all the way. It is estimated that after Boa Hancock gets older, she still retains such beautiful. Seeing that Boa Hancock’s body is not at all 31 years old, she is as beautiful and elegant as a pure and beautiful girl.

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Middle-aged Camp

Elderly Camp

The oldest character in One Piece

The story background of One Piece is quite fantastic, and the age group spans almost the entire age group, from 1 year old to 1000 years old, and there are countless characters who are over a hundred years old. However, no matter how old these characters are, they can never surpass one limit-that is, the elephant master. The age of Zunesha is more than 1,000 years old. Although its appearance looks like it is about to die, we will never guess what the final age of Zunesha is. At the same time, Zunesha is at the end of the age of One Piece, and no character can be older than the age of Zunesha.

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