Next! KOF Mai Shiranui Sex Dolls!

Yes! Our next anime sex doll is the most popular female character in The King of Fighters – Mai Shiranui!

I believe that all fighting game players were fascinated by her sexy appearance and powerful strength when they first came into contact with her. Therefore, we chose Mai Shiranui as the new character this time.

After we finished making the Goblin Queen sex doll in July, we received many messages from anime fans who wanted a Mai Shiranui sex doll, which is what we keep updating with a new character every one to two months Goal, so we listened to the fans’ suggestions, urgently approved the project, and started the production process.

The following is our new product, the head accessories of the Mai Shiranui sex doll. This is completely based on the King of Fighters game. I hope fans can like it.

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