“Dragon Ball” Survey: How is Android 18 able to have a baby?

“Dragon Ball” Survey: How is Android 18 able to have a baby?

When we talk about “Android”, many people may think of pure metal robots, in fact, there are many kinds of Android, such as in the “Dragon Ball” has appeared in the Android 16 such a pure mechanical man, but also appeared in the Android 17-20 such as the humanoid mechanical man, they all belong to the Android, only that the Manufacturing materials are not the same!

One of them is a very beautiful woman, and she is Android 18. Although she was created to kill the Son Goku, she married Klin after Saru was destroyed and gave him a daughter. But why was Android 18 able to have a child as an android?

How is Android 18 able to have a baby?

Many people do not quite understand this matter, because the impression of Android are not reproductive function! This is to see through the phenomenon to see the essence of the android 18 can give birth to of course not because of Klin strong reason, even if it is also can only be regarded as a secondary factor, the main reason still lies in the body structure of the 18!

So, since the 18 have reproductive function, nature and human beings have similarities, but based on the characteristics of Android, we have to understand from the manufacture of Android.

I. Definition and Development of Androids

(1) Definition of Androids

To figure out the above problem, we have to first figure out what is “Android”, in the “dragon ball” is how to reflect.

Androids, also known as artificial humans (artificial earth), artificial life forms, is a kind of empty science fiction products. Simply put, Android are human beings created by humans, that is, modified humans, usually more powerful than ordinary humans and possessing special abilities.

Although in a broad sense, robots, dolls, etc. also belong to the artificial humanoid life form, but “Android” is usually understood in a narrow sense. “Unlike robots and dolls, Androids are humanoid beings that have been modified and strengthened by biochemical means, or made from human cellular tissues, rather than metal or wooden structures.

In Dragon Ball, Androids were created by Dr. Gero, the true leader of the Red Ribbon Army, and existed before the Red Ribbon Army was destroyed by the Son Goku. The most prominent members of the Androids are Androids 8, 13, 14, 15, 16, Earth 17, Hell 17, 18, 19, 20 (Dr. Groo), 21, Saru, Gamma 1, and Gamma 2. Among them, Super 17 is the ultimate Android created by Dr. Groh and Dr. Mew.

How is Android 18 able to have a baby?

(2) Evolution of Androids

Android 8 was a pure robot, but Dr. Groh considered it a failure because 8 hated fighting. When the Red Ribbon Army told him to destroy Son Goku, he refused to carry it out and became friends with Son Goku. He is also called Eight, Old Eight or Eight. After the Masruta incident, Eight lived a peaceful life. However, he died at the hands of Zamas (Void) in the future time.

Since the Red Segment Legion was destroyed by Son Goku, it triggered its extreme dissatisfaction with Son Goku, so it started with Android 9, whose main purpose of production was to destroy Son Goku, but 9-12 also failed, and ended up with a fate similar to that of 1-7.

After Dr. Gero’s death, a computer inherited the intent to destroy the Son Goku, completing Androids 13-15, which are also purely of the robot type, and appeared in the theatrical version of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Limit! The Three Super Saiyans, and is the boss among them.16 is also technically a pure android, and is more powerful than 17, as he is prototypically the son of Dr. Groo. So much so that in his case, Dr. Groo would be more on top of things, and it’s only because he’s more powerful than Seventeen and second only to Saru that he’s powerful. In the Saru game, his touching words and his death (by Saru) prompted Son Gohan to eventually become Super Saiyan 2 in anger.

One of the most unusual of the Android, Artificial Human 17, the twin brother of 18, is an android created from a human, who lives alone after the end of the Saru games and 18’s marriage to Krillin. In Dragon Ball GT, Dr. Glo and Dr. Mew teamed up in Hell to create Hell 17 and merged with him to become Super 17.

Super 17 has a more exciting ending, and in Dragon Ball GT he is able to use his body to absorb chakra waves as a way to enhance his strength. When Son Goku was trapped in Hell, he easily defeated Vegeta and the others. He then fights with Son Goku, Super 2 Son Goku and him over two moves, initially Son Goku thought he would keep increasing his strength and even turn into Super Saiyan 4 to answer the battle, Super 17 absorbs all the chakra waves of Super 4 Son Goku and gradually increases his strength, and finally absorbs 10 times the Kamehameha chakra of Super 4 Son Goku directly, which makes him stronger than Super 4 Son Goku, and just as Super 17 is trying to kill Son Goku, Android 18 Just as Super 17 tries to kill Son Goku, 18 appears and starts attacking Super 17 continuously, causing Son Goku to see through Super 17’s weakness (Super 17 can’t move when he absorbs the ki energy wave), so Son Goku punches through him with a Dragon Fist Burst and defeats him with three rounds of Kamehameha ki energy.

He also has another form, a merged form with Android 18, which appears in Super Dragon Ball Heroes (game) GDM5, where Towa helps Super Android 17 absorb Android 18 as Super Android 17 is about to be defeated. In this form, his hair changes from black to gold, his hair shape shifts slightly, his features change slightly, his right armor changes, his right arm guard changes from gold to black, his right knee guard grows, his injuries recover instantly and his strength increases greatly, and the rest of the changes are not noticeable. Facing this form of Super 17, it took the combined efforts of Super 4 Son Goku, Super 4 Vegeta, and Super 4 Son Gohan to completely destroy it.

Artificial Man 18 is the twin sister of 17 and an artificial man made from humans; Saru absorbed her after absorbing 17 in order to become fully formed. Krin fell in love with her after meeting her for the first time and being kissed on the cheek. After Sharu’s death, Krin made a wish to Shenron to get rid of the bombs that were installed in her and her brother. In the Buu chapter, she and Krin marry and have a daughter.

Compared to the main time period, Future Episode 17 and 18 are even more brutal and ruthless, and in the future Z fighters, including Gohan, die at the hands of the two of them, with only Trunks surviving to return to the past to seek help, with the help of her mother Bulma, who built a time machine. It was described as such in TV Special 2, “The History of Trunks”:

“She is as cruel and ruthless as her brother, Android 17. Together with her brother, she killed all the Z Fighters. Only Trunks survived and went back in time …… to be destroyed by the returned Trunks.”

Androids 19 and 20 (Dr. Groh) appeared at the same time, with 19 having devices mounted on his palms capable of sucking energy from others. Very fat, with a pointy head. Son Goku was the underdog in his battle with him due to a heart attack, and he was ultimately easily destroyed by Vegeta, who had been transformed into a Super Saiyan, with a Big Bang attack.Android 20 is Dr. Glo himself, who has been working to develop a way to defeat Son Goku after he destroyed the Red Ribbon Army. In order to become powerful and gain immortality, he transformed himself into an android as well, known as android 20. Like Android 19, his palm is equipped with a device that can absorb energy. This device can absorb energy directly from energy bombs or by touching the opponent’s body. He was eventually killed by Android 17, who was created by himself.

Saru was bred from cells that possessed the cells of Son Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo …… Frieza and King Kurd. In order to keep growing, he began to absorb the essence of humans. And absorbed 17 and 18 to become a full body. In the end, he was completely destroyed by Super 2 Son Gohan. Afterwards, Trunks goes back to the future and destroys Saru. The young gerbil Sharu in the main time period was destroyed by Trunks. In the theatrical version of Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes. Dr. Groo’s grandson, Hyde, takes the old version of Saru’s design plans and uses his genius ability to giganticize them to make a new, more powerful android Saru, which he names Saru MAX.

Android 21 is an original character from Dragon Ball FighterZ. Like Saru, it was bred from cells and had the cells of Demon Man Buu added to Saru’s base. This gives 21 the abilities of a Saiyan, a Namekian, and Demon Man Buu. Only the cells of the first two characters didn’t actually play a big role for 21. With long, shoulder-length, messy brown hair, black-rimmed glasses and huge earrings on his head. Not only does he have super strength, but he also has a mind that rivals Dr. Glo’s. Seems to have some connection to the resurrection of Android 16, claiming that her prototype may be 16’s mother. Plays an important role in the story mode of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

In addition, Gamma 1 and 2 are characters from the theatrical version of Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes, also created by Dr. Gero’s grandson, Hyde. Initially, Mazetta, the son of Chief Commander Rhett of the Red Ribbon Army, compelled Dr. Hyde to mistake Bulma and the others for an “evil organization invading the Earth” in order to take revenge on Bulma and the others, which led to the activation of the two Gamma Android. As a result, Dr. Hyde activated the two Gamma Androids and researched Sharu MAX.

Through the above combing of the evolution of Androids can be learned, all Androids are basically divided into three categories, the first category is pure mechanical combined with artificial intelligence and manufacturing, is close to reality in the robot, such as Androids 8-16. In fact, they themselves do not exist, is through the manufacturing method of robotics, with the material pile built, just give them added human feelings and listen to instructions and other functions. The second category were Android made from humans, such as 17 and 18, 19 and 20, etc. Due to their possession of permanent energy furnaces, they had unlimited energy, their cells aged slowly and did not age easily, and there was no need to eat, but they needed to be hydrated. The third category is cultivated through cells, such as Sharu, Android 21, etc. The formation mechanism is to collect the cells of all masters (including aliens who came to Earth) through microbots, and through genetic technology to retain their strengths and cellular memories, to form an embryo, which then develops into an embryo.

Among them, the human-based Android, which themselves are based on human bodies, retain human emotions and some physical and psychological characteristics, and in general should be considered more advanced human beings.

II. Analysis of human-based manufactured Android

(1) Exploration of Manufacturing Principles

After we learned that one of the categories of Android is manufactured based on human beings, then we return to the theme, that is, Android 18 has a reproductive function on this issue.

Androids Android 17-20 are all modified from human tissue and organs as the basic structure, more similar to the concept of biochemicals in science fiction. One of the skills that Nos. 19 and 20 had was an absorption device installed in their palms that could absorb qigong wave energy, or they could press their hands down on each other to absorb energy directly. This allowed them to obtain a constant supply of energy, so they possessed strength far more powerful than ordinary humans.

The more special ones are Android 17 and Android 18, Android 17 was originally named Lapis, Android 18 was originally named Lazuli, they were originally a pair of twin siblings, just ordinary earthlings. Later, Lazuli, Lapis siblings were captured by Dr. Groh and transformed into Android, ah, really the Chosen One na.

Specific modification is: first of all is to modify the gene, and thus the aging of the cell also becomes very slow, slowing down the aging, so as to extend the years of fighting. Once again, some of the human tissue that is not suitable for fighting is transformed into machinery and implanted with an unlimited energy supply system, which was independently developed by Globo and installed into the human body, enabling the modified person to obtain super strength, while not affecting the physiological structure of the modified person, which is a powerful point! Finally, a bomb was installed in the body of each android, which Dr. Grob did to ensure safety. There had been some scholars who had raised questions: why did they have physical characteristics? Why were the siblings chosen?

Z Warrior and scholar Son Gohan had explained this specifically in his academic paper, arguing:

“It was actually Dr. Groo who wanted to do an experiment in the first place, because all the Androids before that were not female, and he wanted to compare which gender of Androids was more suitable for fighting under different human body configurations. And they are twins, genetically they have common points, it is easier to modify, also may be for the combination of the two in the later stage of preparation. Because his lifelong goal is to create powerful Android to kill Son Goku to avenge the Red Ribbon Army, even he transformed himself into an android. That’s why he wouldn’t put his mind on remodeling female features, but rather focus on remodeling into a killing machine. As for the rest of the human body parts, there’s no need to think about and expend his mind on them.”

Therefore, the other parts of their bodies were not modified, and all the abilities that Android 18 once should have as a normal woman were preserved, and naturally, fertility also existed, and more importantly, they actually retained their own personalities and possessed the ability to think independently, which is why they were unwilling to play such a role as a killing machine that Dr. Gero had arranged for them.

In addition, there are scholars proposed that the installation of energy devices in the human body will not occupy a lot of space in the human body? In fact, this kind of thought is redundant, the chairman of the capsule company, Bulma, had a conjecture when she was discussing with Future Trunks, she thought:

It is because when Dr. Glo was making Android, the universal capsule had been mass-produced and popular all over the world, and it was inexpensive and could be found everywhere, it might have been the use of the universal capsule, as for what improvements were made it is not known.

Later, when Kame Immortal was teasing Android 18 (of course, Kame Immortal was beaten up), he found a clue from Android 18’s words, when Dr. Gero had a research on the universal capsule, although he did not master its core technology, but he shrunk the energy device and transformed it, as for how to transform it, Android 18 can’t say clearly.

(2) Consciousness and mode of action to explore

Androids in “Dragon Ball” in the consciousness and mode of action and human beings there is a certain difference. According to the plot setting, Android possess a certain self-awareness and emotions when they are made, for example, Android 18, after getting married, devotes herself to her family, and in order to earn money, she not only lets Klin take part in the 25th World’s First Martial Arts Meeting, but also participates in it herself, and extorts a huge amount of money from Satan.

Moreover, she has a high face value, and her body is definitely the best among girls, with a European and American style. Coupled with superb combat strength, unlimited energy, eating only a small amount of food, and a face that ages slower than average, it makes sense that she would become Dragon Ball’s most beautiful goddess. Therefore, she loves beauty, pays attention to her personal image, appreciates beautiful clothes, and believes that wearing a good outfit is keeping up with fashion. So the fact that she would feel sorry for the clothes after Vegeta smashed her jacket with a big bang attack and would make Vegeta pay for messing up the clothes and go to the clothing store on the way to pick out another outfit shows that she has human self-consciousness.

Also, Klin’s wish to Shenron after the Saru game was to defuse the bomb in her body, which touched her and was one of the main reasons he married Klin, so in Dragon Ball GT, 17 feels that it’s Klin who’s confusing his sister and kills him outright, and Klin dies looking fondly at 18, who angrily fights back:

“Give Klin back to me !!!!!.”

This scene does not know how many people fell in tears, I have to say, Android 18 to Klin’s feelings to the deep, which shows that she has her own emotions.

But it is not bound by the natural life force, beyond the normal human life characteristics. Meanwhile, when it comes to actions, Android tend to be more inclined to single goals and tasks, unlike humans who have more complex social behaviors and emotional relationships. This could be seen in the way they usually got along with others, and they were still relatively self-isolated. Therefore, despite some similarities between Android and humans, they are still essentially a different kind of being than humans, and they are not able to make the wider and more complex emotional and moral choices that humans do, so some times they are forced to do so in more reckless ways.


To summarize, it is not really accurate to say that Android 18 is a humanoid cyborg, because in essence, 18 is human, and her physiology is indistinguishable from that of an ordinary Earth woman, which is the most important reason why she is able to conceive and give birth to children!

Let’s make a hypothesis here: if Android 18 is with an extremely ordinary person, can she conceive? The answer is yes, as long as friends who have studied biology know that human beings reproduce in both sexes, and there is a difference between men and women in order to be able to reproduce offspring! 18 itself has the physiological characteristics of human beings. As a representative of the tough men on Earth, Klin’s tadpoles must also be tougher, so it is easier to get pregnant, but it is not that other people can not make 18 pregnant, only Klin is easier! But this is just a secondary factor, she chose to marry Klin that is certainly true love, because Klin can be said to have nothing, people are still ugly, but with a heart of love Android 18 on the embrace of the beauty of the return, which if in real life I’m afraid that this era should be on the headlines! Hopefully, they will still be true love for the rest of their lives!

So, all in all, android 18 is fertile thanks to Dr. Glo keeping her human attributes, and from that point of view, 17, 19, and 20 should all have that. So they should belong to the human race, or to a higher class of humans.

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