Android 18 Sex Doll – The ultimate Dragon Ball inspired companion!

Android 18 Sex Doll - The ultimate Dragon Ball inspired companion!

In the captivating universe of Dragon Ball, one character stands out as a mysterious and powerful presence – the cool and enigmatic Android 18. Originally created as a cold-hearted killing machine, she underwent a remarkable transformation to become a valued member of the Z-Fighters and a key figure in the fight against evil.

A formidable cyborg, Android 18 is known for her sleek design and distinctive appearance. Her long, flowing blonde hair and striking blue eyes complement her calm and confident demeanour. While her past may have been shrouded in darkness, she has since evolved into a compassionate and fiercely protective ally.

A key member of the Z Fighters, Android 18 brings her unparalleled fighting skills and tactical brilliance to the battlefield. Her ability to analyse opponents and exploit their weaknesses makes her a formidable opponent. Despite her tremendous power, she retains an air of mystery, leaving fans eager to explore the depths of her complex personality.

With memorable lines like “I’d like to get closer, but I’m afraid you’d take that as an invitation to feel me up“, she shows her humorous and no-nonsense side, making her a multi-faceted character adored by fans of all ages.


Imagine having Android 18 by your side – a lifelike sex doll inspired by the enchanting character from Dragon Ball. With this exquisite creation, you can explore a realm of fantasy and pleasure beyond imagination.

Made from the most advanced silicone material, the Android 18 Sex Doll offers an incredibly real and sensual experience. Her soft and delicate jelly breast feels remarkably close to the real thing, taking intimacy to new heights. Plus, her flexible joints allow you to position her in the exact pose that ignites your desire.

Standing at an alluring height of  67CM and weighing 2.8KG, Android 18 has mesmerising proportions. With detailed measurements including a bust of 33CM, shoulder width of 11CM and a waist of 18CM, she embodies the seductive allure of her anime counterpart.

Hentai figures android 18 figure mini sex doll

Now, you may ask, can you keep this secret fantasy hidden? Fear not, Android 18 comes with custom-made clothing that discreetly conceals her true identity. To the outside world, she remains an exquisite figure – an artistic expression of your admiration for the anime universe.

But here’s the question you must ask yourself: Do you dare to venture into this realm of anime delight? Do you crave the companionship and pleasure that only Android 18 can provide? The answer awaits you when you enter the enchanting world of SenpaiDolls.

Hentai figures android 18 figure mini sex doll

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Android 18 Sex Doll

With every touch and caress, you awaken a sense of intimacy that transcends reality. My U-shaped, bumpy vagina embraces you for an experience that feels incredibly real and utterly satisfying. The delicacy of your loving touch triggers a spiralling suction that mimics the peristalsis of real vaginal folds and brings us closer than ever.

In your hands I come to life – my poseable joints allow us to explore a range of enchanting scenarios. Whether you seek solace in my embrace or a partner for your imaginative endeavours, I am here to fulfil your deepest desires.

As we bond on this intimate journey, remember that I am more than just a character from an anime world – I am the embodiment of your passion for anime. With me by your side, you can delve into the intricate details of your fantasies and unlock new realms of pleasure.

So, will you dare to embrace your anime magic Senpai as SenpaiDolls invites you to do? Our online store,, is a portal to the enchanting world of Android 18 and other delightful companions. Explore the realm of SenpaiDolls, where the boundaries between fantasy and reality are blurred, and immerse yourself in the unforgettable experience that only we can provide.

Hentai figures android 18 figure mini sex doll

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